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  1. Active Trip vs. Guide Trip

  2. Add a GPS Coordinate to a Map in Trip Planner

  3. Add Photos & Videos to Maps Using Trip Planner

  4. Add Waypoints to Trip Planner

  5. Can I go to a specific lat/lon?

  6. Canadian Maps

  7. Changes to Elite & Platinum Memberships

  8. Changes to Mobile Apps

  9. Create a Trip in Trip Planner

  10. Creating an Account

  11. Delete a Waypoint or Media File in Trip Planner

  12. Do Elite or Platinum Subscribers Need the Pro App?

  13. Do I need a cell or data connection to view the Off-The-Grid Maps (SD card)?

  14. Do you use USGS topo maps?

  15. Does the Mobile App Work in Remote Areas?

  16. Does the Off-The-Grid Maps (SD card) always need to be in my Android phone?

  17. Download Offline Maps in the App

  18. Downloading Offline Maps

  19. Draw a Track in Trip Planner

  20. Edit Tracks in Trip Planner

  21. Edit Trip Name & Description in Trip Planner

  22. Forest Roads Map Coverage

  23. Get Offline Maps on a Memory Card

  24. How do I enter coordinates manually?

  25. How do I view current conditions and weather forecasts?

  26. How do I view Moon and Sun information?

  27. How much of my device’s internal memory will be used?

  28. How to Cancel a Platinum or Elite Subscription

  29. How to copy Off-The-Grid Maps to another memory card

  30. How to Delete a Trip

  31. How to Download Hunt Units / GMUs on My Phone

  32. How to End a Trip

  33. How to Export All Your Trips from

  34. How to Improve Battery Life

  35. How to install Off-The-Grid Maps (SD card) on my Android device

  36. How to install Off-The-Grid Maps (SD card) on my iPhone or iPad

  37. How to install updates for my Off-The-Grid Maps (SD card)?

  38. How to Print Maps at Home

  39. How to Print Maps on

  40. How to Print Maps with Private Land Overlays

  41. How to Register an Off-The-Grid Maps (Memory Card) Product

  42. How to Reset Your Password

  43. How to Search for a Place

  44. How to Share a Trip

  45. How to Start a Trip

  46. How to Sync Trips Between Devices

  47. How to Sync Trips from Apps to Website

  48. How to View My Trips

  49. How to View Public Land Maps in App

  50. I am going to buy a new phone, do I need to buy the app again?

  51. Import a Google Earth File into Trip Planner

  52. Import a GPS (.GPX) File into Trip Planner

  53. Import National Geographic TOPO! Files into Trip Planner

  54. Intro to Offline Maps

  55. Is signing into Facebook mandatory to use the Fish Feed?

  56. Lake Maps for Fishing

  57. Marking Waypoints

  58. Measure with the Ruler Tool in Trip Planner

  59. Merge Tracks in Trip Planner

  60. Move a Waypoint in Trip Planner

  61. My lakes don't have contour lines. How do I request that add them?

  62. Organize a Waypoint List in Trip Planner

  63. Other App & Map Solutions

  64. Product Comparison: Elite Membership vs. Platinum Membership

  65. Public Land Map Coverage

  66. Recording Tracks

  67. Save Custom Offline Maps (Topos, Aerial-Satellite, Streets, Hybrid, Terrain)

  68. Saving Trips

  69. Seeing My GPS Location

  70. Send Offline Maps to Mobile App

  71. Side-Load Offline Maps into Mobile Device via Computer

  72. Switch Track Direction & Elevation Profile in Trip Planner

  73. Sync Trips to Mobile App from Trip Planner

  74. Trimble Sunset Announcement

  75. Trip Checklist: Map, Compass & GPS

  76. Trip Planner Overview & Menus

  77. Uninstalling and re-installing the app

  78. View Hunt Unit Maps in Trip Planner

  79. View Private Land Maps in Trip Planner

  80. Viewing Maps

  81. Viewing the Compass

  82. Viewing Trip Stats

  83. What coordinate formats are supported?

  84. What happened to my personal data (photos, videos, contacts)?

  85. What is a GPX file?

  86. What is a Trip?

  87. What is the Messages feature?

  88. Why Can't I Access My Subscription?

  89. Why can't I zoom in after caching maps?

  90. Why Can’t I View My GPS Location?

  91. Why do I get error message "You do not have access to this pack; please activate your purchase" on my iPad/iPhone?

  92. Why should I create a account?

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