View Private Land Maps in Trip Planner

How to View Private Land Maps in Trip Planner

View private lands in digital format on your computer (PC or Mac). With Trip Planner, overlay property lines and landowner names on various map types, including topo maps, street maps, terrain maps, and aerial and satellite images. Note: This feature is available to Platinum members. 

Here's how:

• Go to Login. 

• From navigation bar, select Maps > Trip Planner.

• Zoom into map. Use the Maps and Overlay icons to switch between map types and overlays. 


• Click the Private Lands icon to open the Private Land Options menu.

• Use the Private Lands menu to manage several overlays:
My States: Lists what states you can access private land details. Click the state to view coverage details and to zoom to specific counties. 
Ownership: Turn on to see red ownership dots on map. Click dot to view landowner name, assessor parcel number, land address, and acreage. 
Coverage: Switch on to view polygons for counties. 
Boundaries: Turn on to view private property lines. Note: These overlays only display at map zoom levels 14, 15, and 16.

• Use the Tools menu to drop points, draw tracks, and more on the map.

• When done, click the Save button. Then Close the trip.


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