Add Photos & Videos to Maps Using Trip Planner

How to Add Photos & Videos to Maps Using Trip Planner

Show off your trip photos and videos. It’s easy to add media files to any trip map using Trip Planner.  

• Log into


• Launch Trip Planner or open an existing trip and edit the map.


• Select Tools icon. Next, click the Upload Media icon.


• Hit Choose File button. Find the media file you want to upload. Trip Planner supports common file formats (jpg, png, mp3, and mp4). Files are limited to 200MB.


• Hit the Upload button.


• The mouse cursor turns into a crosshairs. Click on the map to place the media file. Your photo or video is now geo-targeted to that exact GPS location.


Tip: For faster playback times, upload your videos to YouTube first. Then select the YouTube link option on the Upload Media screen. Paste url into box and hit Upload to place the video on the map. 

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