Add a GPS Coordinate to a Map in Trip Planner

How to Add a GPS Coordinate to a Map in Trip Planner

Find a lat/long coordinate on the web? Did a friend share UTM coordinates of a secret spot? Here’s how to add a GPS point on a map in Trip Planner.

• Log into


• Go to Maps > Trip Planner in the navigation bar.


• Select Tools icon. Next, click the Add Point icon.


• Click anywhere on the map to place a waypoint. Add a waypoint name and description.


• Next, edit the GPS info with new GPS coordinates. Hit Save. Your waypoint will be saved to its new location.


• Hit Save under Trip Details. The trip is now saved to your account.


Tip: Make sure the GPS coordinates you add match the position format being displayed. Trip Planner supports four formats: Degrees, Degrees Minutes, Degrees Minutes Seconds, and UTM.


To change the position formant, open the Trip Details box, select the Options tab, and scroll down to Position Format area. If you change formats, all coordinates for the trip will be converted to the new style.  

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