Create a Trip in Trip Planner

How to Create a Trip in Trip Planner

Use Trip Planner, our online map editing tool, to scout trips on your Mac or PC.  In this guide, you’ll learn the basics on how to mark waypoints and draw track lines. This feature is available to Elite and Platinum members.  

Get started:

• Login to

• From the navigation bar, select Maps then Trip Planner.

• Trip Planner opens with a big map centered on the United States. Use the search bar or zoom in functions to find the area you want to scout.

• Select Maps in the upper-right corner to change map types.

• To drop waypoints on the map, select the Tools icon then the Waypoint icon. Use the curser to drop Waypoint on the map. Name the waypoint and select OK.

• To draw tracks on the maps, select the Tools icon then the Track icon (pencil).  Use the mouse curser to mark the starting point of the track. Name the track and select OK. Next, click and hold the green pencil to free-draw the track line.

• To save trip, click the Trip Details tab. Select Save & Continue button.

• To edit the name of the trip, select Trip Details. Hit the Edit button in right-corner of the Trip Details box .

• From this screen you can edit the name of the trip, the summary, and description. Once done select the Save and Preview button.

• This trip is saved to your account and can be viewed on the My Dashboard page.

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