Trip Planner Overview & Menus

Trip Planner Overview & Menus

Use the Trip Planner tool, our web-based map editor, to plan your next outdoor trip on your PC or Mac. You can view maps, mark points, draw tracks, import GPS files, print maps at home and much more. In addition, trips created in Trip Planner are saved to your account and auto-sync to your Trimble GPS Hunt or Fish app. 

Note: This advanced tool requires an Off-The-Grid Maps purchase, a Platinum membership or an Elite membership. 


• Go to Log into your account.

• Select Maps in the site navigation bar. Scroll down and click the Trip Planner option.  

• The page opens with a map zoomed out to the United States.


Our search database includes roughly 10 million geographical names throughout the world. Use the search bar to quickly find places. 
• Type place name into search bar (e.g., Crater Lake, OR). Hit the Enter key.
• Select from the list of places below the search bar. The map jumps to the place's location. Zoom out or zoom into the map with the +/- tools in the upper left of the screen. 

Click the Tools icon in in the upper right corner. Select from 11 tools to help you plan trips.
Drag/Select: Select this tool to drag the map or to select items on the map.
Ruler: Measure distances between two points.
Print MyTopo: Send your map details to our sister site MyTopo to create a custom large-format printed map. Maps are printed and shipped to your doorstep within 24 hours.
Undo: Made a mistake? No problem. Hit the Undo button.
Add Point: Select to drop a Waypoint or Point of Interest onto the map. 
Draw Track (Freehand Mode): Use your mouse to free-draw a track.
Draw Track (Click Mode): Use your mouse to draw tracks with mouse clicks.
Draw Track (Follow Streets Mode): Use your mouse to quickly draw tracks along streets.
Media: Tap this button to add a photo or video to your map. 
Print: Select to print a navigation-ready map at home. 
Import: Select to upload a GPS (.GPX) file from your computer or standalone GPS (Garmin, Magellan, DeLorme).

Tap the Trip Details area to see all the info related to your trip. You will see a list of waypoints, tracks, and media files. In addition, you can access advanced settings and rename your trip. Most importantly, this is where you save your trip to your account. Once a trip is saved to your account, you can access it and navigate with it in your Trimble GPS Hunt or Fish app.

Select the Map Types icon and pick from 10 different map types to help plan your trip. No map is perfect or has all the info you may need. Switch between map types to get a better understanding of the area, including its terrain, topography, streets and trails.   

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