How to View Public Land Maps in App

How to View Public Land Maps in App

Find new access points and places to explore on public lands. Use the Map Overlay option in the Trimble Outdoors app to add color-coded public lands onto any basemap. Follow these steps:

• Launch the Trimble GPS Hunt app.

• Select the Map icon.

• Hit Layers button.

• Select Overlay option.

• Choose Public Lands. Select Done.

Zoom in and out on the map to view the public land overlays. Tip: Hit the small square in bottom corner to see the map key.  


Public Land Coverage

Our public land overlay covers all states in the U.S., except Alaska, Delaware, Rhode Island and South Carolina. Land types included: public lands, monuments, national forests, national wildlife refuges, national parks, state lands, military land, Bureau of Reclamation land, and Indian reservations.


Save Offline Public Land Maps

Public land map overlays are automatically included with any Off-The-Grid Map download or can be added as an additional map overlay to any Custom Map download.   

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