Canadian Maps

Canadian Maps

We offer several digital, mobile, and printed map options for Canada. Since no map likely provides all the details you may need, so we offer several map types to help you navigate in the field. See details below.

Canadian Topo Maps

We offer topo maps for Canada down to a 1:50,000 scale. These enhanced contour maps are made from the original Natural Resources Canada topographic map sheets, the backcountry standard for detailed topo maps in Canada.    

Canadian Aerial & Satellite Images  

We offer aerial & satellite images for Canada. These images come from various image sources and are photographed during different time periods and seasons, so you may see bare-rock peaks in some photos and snowy peaks in others.   

Canadian Terrain Maps  

We offer terrain maps for Canada from Open Cycle Maps. These contour maps show updated trails and points of interest that might not be on traditional Canadian topos.

Canadian Outdoor Maps

This alternate terrain map type for Canada that may provide helpful info not found on other map types.

How to Save Offline Canadian Maps on Your Mobile Device

All four map types listed can be saved as offline maps on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Learn How to Save Custom Offline Maps in the Trimble GPS Hunt and Trimble GPS Fish apps.

How to Print Your Own Canadian Maps

All four map types listed above can be printed from Trip Planner, our web-based mapping tool. Learn How to Print Maps at Home from

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