Send Offline Maps to Mobile App

Send Offline Maps to Trimble GPS Hunt & Trimble GPS Fish

• Go to Log in.
• Navigate to the Off-The-Grid Maps homepage. Pick a state.
• Scroll down and select a county or hunt unit to send to your iPhone or Android phone.
• Hit Get Maps button.
• Select Send to My Device option. This sends a notification to the app on your mobile device.   
• Launch the app on your phone. Go to Off-The-Grid Maps area from Main Menu. 
• Download maps. After download, go to On Device tab. Tap the View button to go to the Map screen.  

Once these maps are installed, you can explore remote areas and see your GPS location on maps without cell towers. That’s correct. No AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint signals required.  

Tips: To send maps from the website to the app, make sure you are logged into the app with your account. Also, connect to WiFi for faster downloads.

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