Intro to Offline Maps

Intro to Offline Maps

One of the big benefits of our platform is the ability to download Off-The-Grid Maps onto an iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Once installed, these offline maps can be viewed without cell towers. There are several ways to install maps on your device, depending on your map needs. Here's a quick break-down with links to step-by-step details:

Download Offline Maps in App

Install Process: Super Easy
Download maps while using the app. Learn more.

Send Offline Maps to Mobile App

Install Process: Easy
Send maps from to the mobile app. Learn more.

Save Custom Offline Maps from App

Install Process: Intermediate
Download your own custom offline map packs in the app. Best for: aerial-satellite images and hybrid maps. Learn more.

Get Offline Maps on a Memory Card

Install Process: Intermediate to Advanced
Get a map card pre-loaded with statewide topo maps and helpful map layers (private lands, public lands). Learn more.

Side-Load Maps into Mobile via Computer

Install Process: Advanced
Download maps onto your computer then side-load them into your mobile device. This is best for people with limited data plans or Android users who want to store maps on a memory card. Learn more. 

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