Trip Checklist: Map, Compass & GPS

Trip Checklist: Map, Compass & GPS

Before you head outside, make sure you are ready to navigate with confidence with this checklist.

[  ] GPS app. Is the Trimble GPS Hunt or Trimble GPS Fish app installed on your mobile device? 

[  ] Offline Maps. Download offline maps you need for the trip. Remember, the app does not come with preloaded with maps. Good reason too: Your phone would need a terabyte of space just to hold all the full-color topo maps in the United States. Download the maps you need onto your device before you go. 

[  ] Trip & GPS Details. Pre-plan your trip with Trip Planner. Then send GPS info and download the trip onto your phone.

[  ] Paper maps. Suggestions: Print a map at home from Trip Planner. Or, order a large-format waterproof map from 

[  ] Compass. Suggestion: We like the Brunton TruArc 10 compass. It weighs under 2 oz. and features a clear baseplate with common navigation grids so you can plot coordinates on a paper map.
[  ] Battery Pack. Pack a back-up battery pack and re-charge cord. We like the reasonably-priced Jackery Mini for its weight-to-power ratio (2.8 oz. 3,200 mAh; $13).

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