Creating an Account

Creating an Account

Protect your purchases. Backup your trips. See your data on any device. Create an account to take full advantage of the Trimble platform. 

Account Benefits:
• All purchases are backed up to your account in case you lose your device or purchase a new one. Example: You own an iPhone 5. Then switch to a Galaxy 6. Your data moves to your new phone, if you create an account.

• Access your subscription services and trips on multiple devices (up to three). Example: View your trips on your iPhone and iPad. Or, download Off-The-Grid Maps on both devices too. 

• Sync trips between all your devices with Trip Cloud. Example: See trips on your computer, on your smartphone, and on your tablet when logged into your account. 

How to Register or Log into the Mobile App

• Launch app. 
• Select Settings icon.
• Select Login or Register option. Follow on-screen directions.

How to Register or Log into

• Go to
• Select Login button in top-right corner.
• Fill in Login or Register details.

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