How to Share a Trip

How to Share a Trip

By default, any trip you create or record are marked as private. Only you can share them with friends, on, or to social networks.

From Mobile Apps

After you Close a trip in the mobile app, you can choose to share the trip on, post it to Facebook, or send it to Twitter. 


You can change the visibility of any trip on the My Dashboard page of Under the Share column, you can select from three options:  

Private: Only you can see the trip.

Limited: The website provides a secret link that you can email to others. Only people with this long encrypted link can view the trip. This is a great feature to share camping locations, hunting spots, and fishing hotspots with a few friends.

Public: Your trip is available for anyone to see. At any time, you can mark the trip private and all access will be removed except for you.

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