How to Sync Trips Between Devices

How to Sync Trips Between Devices

Our Trip Cloud lets you instantly save and view previous trips between Trimble GPS Fish, Trimble GPS Hunt and Access your trips from anywhere, on any supported device.

Possible Scenario:
> Using Trimble GPS Hunt, you record a hunt in Montana with your iPhone. When finished, the trip saves up to the Trip Cloud.
> Two days later, you are back home. You turn on your iPad. Our tablet app, Trimble GPS Maps, loads the recent Hunt adventure into your iPad. You show off the hunt to your buddy.  

> Five months later, you want to return to that area in Montana but want to try an alternate route. You go to, access the old Montana Hunt trip, and scout a new route. When done, the old and new route are sent to your iPhone via the Trip Cloud.

> Nine months later, you decide to get a new Android phone. You download the Trimble GPS Hunt app from the Google Play store, log into your account, and all your trips instantly load into your new phone via the Trip Cloud. The Trip Cloud keeps your trips organized, up-to-date, and accessible no matter what device you are using.

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