Why should I create a GPSHuntFish.com account?

A GPSHuntFish.com account will store all of your trips onto the Trip Cloud, which automatically syncs all of your trips so that you can access it via Trimble GPS Hunt, Trimble GPS Fish, Trimble GPS Maps and GPSHuntFish.com. You can also use online mapping tools, and share your trips.

Also, whenever the application is deleted / reinstalled (as part of an upgrade or device change), the trips will be deleted off the phone application and once you re-log in with your online credentials, the trips will sync back from the online account to the device application. IF the trips were not saved to the online trip cloud, the they would have only been saved to the phone application and hence would be lost forever.

All in-App purchases are saved to the online log in ID and so even if you change devices, all you have to do us log on to the application with the same credentials and the purchases will automatically sync to them.

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