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  1. News about GPSHuntFish 

    1. Trimble Sunset Announcement
    2. Changes to Elite & Platinum Memberships
    3. Changes to Mobile Apps
    4. Other App & Map Solutions
  2. Getting Started  

    1. Viewing Maps
    2. Seeing My GPS Location
    3. Marking Waypoints
    4. Recording Tracks
    5. Viewing Trip Stats
  3. Downloading Offline Maps 

    1. Intro to Offline Maps
    2. Download Offline Maps in the App
    3. Send Offline Maps to Mobile App
    4. Save Custom Offline Maps (Topos, Aerial-Satellite, Streets, Hybrid, Terrain)
    5. Get Offline Maps on a Memory Card
  4. Creating & Managing Trips 

    1. What is a Trip?
    2. How to View My Trips
    3. How to Start a Trip
    4. How to End a Trip
    5. How to Delete a Trip
  5. Saving Battery Power 

    1. How to Improve Battery Life
  6. Using Trip Planner (Online Map Editor) 

    1. Trip Planner Overview & Menus
    2. Create a Trip in Trip Planner
    3. Sync Trips to Mobile App from Trip Planner
    4. Add Waypoints to Trip Planner
    5. Add Photos & Videos to Maps Using Trip Planner
  7. Print Maps 

    1. How to Print Maps at Home
    2. How to Print Maps on
    3. How to Print Maps with Private Land Overlays
  8. Managing Subscriptions & Billing 

    1. How to Cancel a Platinum or Elite Subscription
    2. Product Comparison: Elite Membership vs. Platinum Membership
    3. Why Can't I Access My Subscription?
    4. Do Elite or Platinum Subscribers Need the Pro App?
  9. Off-The-Grid Maps (Memory Cards) 

    1. How to install Off-The-Grid Maps (SD card) on my Android device
    2. How to install Off-The-Grid Maps (SD card) on my iPhone or iPad
    3. Do I need a cell or data connection to view the Off-The-Grid Maps (SD card)?
    4. How to Register an Off-The-Grid Maps (Memory Card) Product
    5. How to install updates for my Off-The-Grid Maps (SD card)?
  10. Other Questions 

    1. Why Can’t I View My GPS Location?
    2. How to Reset Your Password
    3. Canadian Maps
    4. I am going to buy a new phone, do I need to buy the app again?
    5. Uninstalling and re-installing the app
  11. All articles 

    1. How to Search for a Place
    2. Lake Maps for Fishing
    3. Why can't I zoom in after caching maps?
    4. How to Cancel a Platinum or Elite Subscription
    5. How to install Off-The-Grid Maps (SD card) on my Android device
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